About Us

Hey! We're Thomas Productions! We're an independent film group that make movies for fun. Thomas Productions was founded by Layne (me) as well as co-founded by Kevin and Kyle in 2001 with our first video. It wasn't very good, but as time passed, we've become better at the art of storytelling, editing, and every other aspect of film making. We started out doing live action movies, and have now gotten into the art of machinima (using video games to create movies). So now we do both. I (Layne) direct, edit, produce, film, write, and act in the movies, while Kevin and Kyle act, write, and sometimes film. About 90% of our movies are comedy. Most of our funny ideas get created on the spot, so you can say we collaborate well and think on our toes. We also run a podcast (the TPCast), in which we talk about our films as well as whatever we want. So now, go and enjoy our videos!

(From left to right) Kyle, Layne, & Kevin.